The Future of Textile Printing Is Green

Being sustainable is no longer a trend, it is a necessity. As climate change affects the land, the oceans, and the atmosphere, the time to respond is becoming limited. And because each second matters and every effort counts, we from Organic Tee Star pride ourselves on taking the steps to enhance green practices within our expertise.

Green future for textile printing

Textile printing is the process of decorating fabrics by applying pigments, dyes, or inks in patterns and designs. The method originates from antiquity and is still a much popular trend nowadays. It is being employed for various purposes – application of logos on corporate wear, adornment of everyday clothing, and even for the creation of art-attire masterpieces.

Although textile printing was relatively harmless in the past, today, the reality is rather different. The industry is vast in size and therefore consumes volumes of chemicals and electricity. As a result, the amount of pollution it releases daily is significant.

In response, many printing businesses strive to go green and minimize the negative impact on the environment by utilizing sustainable practices. Our company, of course, makes no exception and seeks approaches in which to ease the environmental footprint.

To illustrate, we have utilized water-based inks that are an eco-friendly alternative to the regular, plastisol ones. Being made by the suspension of 100% biodegradable pigments into a water base, they do not contain any toxic chemicals, such as PVC or phthalates. Instead, they consist of naturally occurring substances, which are a lot gentler on nature. 

Furthermore, digital textile printing is also a component of our expertise. Sustainability is considered the paradigm of the technique, as it essentially eliminates water and electricity consumption. The process of reproducing digital images on physical surfaces saves billions of liters of water and hundreds of watts of electro-energy, because color fastness is accomplished by heat fixation instead of steam fixation and washing-off procedures.

Quality and comfort is what we opt for

We source our garments responsibly! 

And as firm supporters of green waste-free manufacturing, we partner with no other but the Belgian apparel company – Stanley&Stella. They integrate sustainability in everything they do, and that is why their supply chain is certified by multiple independent bodies and organizations.  

They work exclusively with organic cotton, which grows from GMO-free seeds in soil that is continuously nurtured rather than toxified with chemical-based insecticides and synthetic fertilizers. Their manufacturing process, also ethical and eco-friendly, results in creating enduring and resilient materials.  

To add stability and strength to their clothing lines, they have also utilized the usage of recycled polyester. Committed to tackling environmental resources and plastic waste, their credo consists of the idea that being gentle with ourselves is as vital as being gentle with our planet. 

People and the planet come first for us, too! That is why we trust Stanley&Stella for the sourcing of our textile.

Committed to better printing

Organic Tee Star’s mission statement consists of the idea of sustainable printing. And while a change would take time, we believe in the importance of each initiative.

Let the graphics printed on the front of your tee, be not the only thing that speaks up for who you or your company are. Be mindful of the processes behind. The inks, the dyes, the materials – they are all part of your choice. So do choose smartly and make that choice count.

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